Cole Equipment - Fire & Security Services

New Construction & Retrofits

New Construction

For the past 45 years we have developed an excellent track record with Architects, Engineers, General Contractors and Electrical Contractors in providing fire alarm systems to meet every type of building situation. Our extensive experience in performing Design/Build type services is unparalleled.

We typically will proactively get involved with all disciplines of construction necessary for a complete operational code compliant fire alarm system such as:

  • Coordinate with the Mechanical Engineer/Contractor to determine fire alarm device requirements based on mechanical equipment layout of fire/smoke dampers and air handling units for containment and control of smoke migration.
  • Coordinate with the Fire Protection Engineer/Contractor to insure proper integration with the fire protection system.
  • Communicate with the Building Official to insure code compliance.

Our expertise in code knowledge and product availability allows us to provide the most comprehensive competitive fire alarm system package in the industry.

Retrofit/Replacement Systems

A retrofit or replacement of an existing fire alarm system is a very complicated process—one that will involve any number of elements such as:

  • Communication with the local Fire Marshal and/or Building Official;
  • Permitting the work;
  • Analysis of existing fire alarm system infrastructure;
  • Analysis of existing building mechanical and fire protection systems;
  • Cutover plan or process of transitioning the existing system to the new system;
  • Level of disruption to occupants of the building.

Each fire alarm system retrofit or replacement is somewhat unique due to existing building conditions and code requirements. This is where our knowledge of fire alarm codes and experience of working in all types of facilities will benefit our Customer.

Since we consider ourselves a Partner with our Customer, we will typically suggest a meeting with the Local Authorities to discuss and outline our approach for replacement of the existing fire alarm system.

The intent of this meeting is to establish confidence in the Local Authorities with our approach to the replacement process which always results in a much quicker and less complicated approval. We believe this is invaluable to the overall success of each project.